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All over the world payments


Option 1. To Direct Bank transfer please use the bank details below. If an acquaintance pays you instead, please write your name in the “Bank reference” column. After making the money transfer, please read Step 3 below. Thank you.

Option 2. Bank to Bank Transfer with is easy and cheaper. You can pay on-site: at a bank office in your country, in your national currency (if listed) either in Euros or USD.

How it works:

  • Please visit Wise’s site and fill in your details and the recipient’s data (our data). If you do not have a Transferwise account please log in with your Apple, Google, or Facebook account, or sign up. The registration takes exactly 30 seconds and is completely free.
  • After login please choose the option “Send money abroad for up to 8x less“.
  • When you’re done with the site please check your email: Wise will send you a reference number and indicate a bank in your country.
  • Visit the office nearest to you at the bank designated by Transferwise. NOTE: at the bank office, please provide the transfer reference number you will receive from Wise. That way you will pay a much smaller amount for a bank fee.

Step 1

Please visit (click here) to send money directly to our recipient (full name of account holder): 1) Select the currency of the recipient: must be EURO.  2) As recipient (Name of the business) please fill in: JU GLOBAL MEDSERVICES LTD and fill in all data:

    • Account holder (pay to): JU GLOBAL MEDSERVICES LTD
    • IBAN: BE38967050314872 Bank code (SWIFT / BIC): TRWIBEB1XXX
    • Bank name: Wise Europe SA
    • Address:
      Avenue Marnix 13-17
    • Please specify the following reference on your payment: TK88 Be aware that providing a wrong reference will slow down the payment process.

After you filled in all details, you will get an invoice from Transferwise with a reference number for your payment. Choose Bank to Bank transfer. You will get instructions on which bank is the best for you to perform the payment.


Step 2

Visit the bank, bring your passport, invoice for your payment from our site (that you made for your purchase) and invoice from Transferwise with the reference number they give you.  You will pay the lowest commission choosing this way of payment.


Step 3

After making the money transfer, you will receive the receipt. It will be sent to you by the bank office. In order to process your documents immediately – please send to an email with:

  • Full name of the Sender (If you personally sent the money, please write your full name) and name with the email address of the person/client who will use our services (if this is you, please enter your name and email)
  • If that does not make it difficult for you – please send us also a copy of your payment receipt so our services will be started immediately
  • The amount you have already sent

Thank you!


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Bank account number (IBAN):  BE38967050314872 Bank code (SWIFT / BIC): TRWIBEB1XXX Name of the bank: Wise Europe SA
Avenue Marnix 13-17