General Service List

Whether your demand of translation services is considerable or not so immense, R Service is always there to assist you with any types of documents!

We provide translation services for:
– General business papers and correspondence
– Documentation for the Home Office
– Technical manuals
– All types of software
– Websites
– Brochures and Catalogues
– Reports
– Articles and Books
– Legal documents
– Medical documentation
And our linguists also cover many more areas of expertise. Please, feel free to contact us for any further information.

Our services are priced on the basis of specific factors, but a free quote is always available. To illustrate our system, the criteria which we use to evaluate our fees are complexity, length and urgency of the text and, of course, the source and target languages. Also, we firmly believe that it is of great importance to assign a proofreader (another specialist to edit the text where s/he believes is necessary) and we have a rule to always appoint one in order to assure the maximum accuracy of the translation. Please, feel free to contact us should you have any further queries.

Value pack
The Value Pack is designed mainly for in-company communication which doesn’t require upmost perfection. That doesn’t mean that the job is to be neglected; it is still done by a native speaker. The Value prices are also offered to regular clients. They are listed below in the Rates List, under ‘Value’.


– Currently, if a client orders five jobs at once, the cheapest one is for free.
– Armed Forces Personnel gets a 10% discount, but a valid Forces ID card must be shown.
– 50 GBP vouchers available when you recommend Richmont Service to another client and they use our services.
– Postal expenses in the UK are also covered by us.
– Add 80% to our rates if you would like two independent translations of your text, each of them proof-read.
– Delivery on the next business day for a 30% additional charge.
All Offers are subject to terms and conditions, so please contact us for details.

Secure translation
Add 12.5% to our standard rate if you opt for secure translating which includes procedures to ensure secrecy – either a contract binding Richmont Service and a contract binding the translator or a Deed of Confidentiality executed by the translator and by Richmont Service. Both stipulate the transmission of the text and the return of the translation (on paper and/or disc) together with all final and draft copies of each by Special or Recorded Delivery Post and the erasure of all relevant, computer-stored material.

Rates List
The table below gives rates per 1,000 words (or characters) of each foreign or English language source text. Because each language can be translated into or from English, into rates and from rates are given for each group of languages. Each standard rate is followed by a rate for translating patent texts and by our minimum charge. Please be informed that these are only suggested rates; contact us in advance for an exact quote to prevent misunderstandings.

Rate into English (GBP)Rate from English (GBP)
French, Italian, Spanish395935496940
Danish, Dutch, Norwegian,Swedish547840659050
Polish, Russian, Ukrainian628850709545
Albanian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Serbo-Croat, Slovene628850658565
Czech, Slovak456050556545
Chinese*, Japanese*607860708865
Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Maltese, Turkish658060759065
Bengali, Farsi, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu7090758010085
Indonesian, Kurdish, Malay, Tagalog7090808010085
Korean*, Thai*1501808016019085

*Per 1,000 characters

Our rates include printing your translation on paper and sending it to you by email and/or fax, post, or DX.  VAT is not required. We may decline to translate a text. We may charge more if it is hand-written or has poor legibility. We can usually format it to your requirements.  Our Value and Standard rates include proof-reading each translation against its source text.