deadlineNext step: in order for your documents-pack to be delivered at the employer’s company as soon as possible.

So, your documents-pack is almost ready! Tomorrow your documents will be checked again, printed and assembled with completed forms. The documents will be carefully sorted, packed and addressed to the employer.

The deadline?

We propose that your documents-pack are delivered by a courier company: from our European office to  your employer’s office, which is also in Europe. In this way the delivery will take only a day or two. And it will cost more cheaply, of course.

So, if you choose this method of delivery, we recommend a local courier company: Inter F Couriers. With this company we’ve worked for a long time and you can get a discount (our company discount): €5 (EURO). In this way your shipment will cost €23.50 – €5.00= €17.90

To propel the fast delivery of your documents-pack and not to miss the deadline we recommend the following steps:

  1.  Secure a courier service via us (because, unlike the courier company, we accept Western Union payments too). Click here and make an order. We’ll contact the Courier company on your behalf and your documents will leave our office on the same day!
  2.  We will send you an Invoice/Receipt and will inform you when the Documents pack will be already delivered.
  3.  If you choose our couriers, we will be able to track the movement of the documents to the employer’s company.


If you have any questions regarding the above advice, please contact us as quicklyinter-couriers as possible.

If you have any questions regarding: the work-visa, airfares, airport transfers, accommodation, joining members of your family, etc..(all of this is not in our competence) – usually after the documents are accepted in the employer’s company, the applicant will conduct a direct online conversation, a few days after the documents have already been received.

During this conversation, you will be able to ask about anything that interests you.

NOTE! We bear no responsibility if, due to a delay, you miss the deadline and you are not employed. For data protection reasons we keep your files/packet for 15 days only.

Is your deadline coming soon? Save time, secure a cheap courier service today.