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Step 1: Payment in AUD

Please choose the service you wish to use (from the list above) and pay with a minimal expense in any bank office in Australia or send the money via Post Office directly to the bank account:

Account name:

Account number
BSB Code: 802-985
Bank name:
Wise Bank

36-38 Gipps Street
Collingwood VIC 3066

Step 2: After payment

After making the money transfer, you will receive the receipt. It will be given to you by the bank (post) office. Please send to an email with:

  • Full names of the Sender (If you personally send the money, please write your full name) & the name and email of the person/client who will use our services (if this is you, please enter your name and email)
  • If that does not make difficulties for you – please send us and a copy of your payment receipt to be started our service immediately
  • The amount you have already sent

Thank you!


 Order Status: UNPAID