Payment in the Philippines


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Payment option 1) 

You can get help and pay for our services in PHP (Philippine Pesos) via our Trade Agent in the Philippines:

Step 1: Payment in PHP

  • Please pay 1,820 PHP. FRD Courier service costs 1,390 PHP. Prices include taxes.
  • The bank charge is at your own expense. We must get the amount as stated above.
  • Please visit and pay via any money remittance or any bank office in the Philippines, or send the money via any post office.


1. Bayad center
2. LBC
3. SMdept/Supermarket/Savemore Counter
4. Cebuana Lhuillier Bills Payment
5. M.Lhuillier
6. Robinsons Dept Store
7. ECPay (Pawnshops/Payment Centers)
8. RuralNet Bank and Coops


  •  Please pay 1,820 PHP (or 1,390 PHP for courier) directly to the bank account of our trade agent in your country (in the remittance/bank/post office or via online banking):


Account Name: Ruperto Olid Fuentes

Account Number: 109-35-075-93-76

Bank: UNION BANK of the Philippines


  • Please write your name in the “Bank reference” field.  Be aware that providing a wrong reference will slow down the payment process.


So, the price of the service is 1,820 PHP (Philippine Pesos). Please visit any bank or remittance office closest to you and ask to send the money to the bank account attached here. Please write your name in the “Bank reference” field. Thank you.

The service will be executed by us the very next day.

Do you need help? Please do not hesitate to contact us (office hours during the week: 7:00-15:00 GMT).

Step 2: After payment

After making the money transfer, you will receive the receipt. It will be given to you by the place you paid. In order to process your documents immediately – please send to an email with:

  • Full name of the Sender (If you personally sent the money, please write your full name) and name with the email address of the person/client who will use our services (if this is you, please enter your name and email)
  • If that does not make difficulties for you – please send us also a copy of your payment receipt so our services will be started immediately
  • The amount you have already sent

Thank you!

Payment option 2) Payment via Dragonpay: cash, ATM, Filipino debit/credit card, online banking, etc.

Note We offer you here the relatively cheapest payment method for your country. Would you like to pay differently? For example, through PayPal, Skrill or to pay in the UK or USA? Please see the options – click here.


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